Mission Statement

The North Little Rock Police K9 Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit corporation created for charitable purposes. Its mission is to provide financial support to the North Little Rock Police Department’s K9 Unit. The North Little Rock Police K9 Foundation allows donors to give financial gifts for the support and operation of the current canine unit to cover the cost to purchase food, medication, veterinary bills, training, equipment, and new K9s.

Although the North Little Rock Police K9 Foundation is entirely independent of the North Little Rock Police Department, the Foundation works in cooperation with the K9 Unit to identify and provide special needs that are unable to be funded through the regular budget.

The Foundation seeks to offer opportunities through fund raising from the area business’ and community members to support law enforcement by making tax-deductible donations. The Foundation also works as an educational resource for the community helping to explain how the K9 Unit benefits both the community and police department.

What Does The K9 Unit Do?

The North Little Rock Police Department’s K9 Unit has been serving the citizens of North Little Rock since 1984. It was originally started with 3 canine teams and now has been able to increase to 6. The canines currently utilized by the unit are 5 Belgian Malinois and one German Shepard.

They are trained for narcotics or explosive detection as well as suspect detection and apprehension

The primary purpose of canines trained for police work is to make the police officer’s job safer. Police dogs serve an important role because they are often used in high-risk situations.


How many members are there in the North Little Rock Police Departments K9 Unit?

Currently there are 5 Officers and 1 Sergeant with a K9 partners.

What breed of dogs do you use for police work?

Five of our K9’s are Belgian Malinois and one is a German Shepard. The breed we choose depends on which K9s are available at the time we purchase them.

Do you use male or female dogs?
We will always take the best K9 available at the time we are looking for dogs. Currently all our canines are male

Do you neuter or spay the K9 you use for Police work?
No, only if needed for medical reasons.

How long do you use your K9 before you retire them?
Longevity depends on the physical condition of each K9.  Generally, our K9s work until they are 8 to 10 years old.

What happens to your K9 when they are retired?
Our K9s, once retired, will spend the rest of their life living with the handler or a closely chosen family.

Does the dog go home with the handler?
All of our K9s go home with the handler when they are not working.

How much and many times a day do you feed your K9?

That depends on the needs of the dog and discretion of the handler.  K9s, like people, are all different and some need more food than others and some perform better eating once a day instead of twice a day.

Who pays for the food and medical expenses of the K9s?
The City of North Little Rock pays for the medical/veterinarian expenses and food for the K9s. Dr. Richard E. Allen with Allen Veterinary Clinic does an outstanding job of treating all our K9s medical needs. The North Little Rock Police K9 Foundation hopes to be able to assist with these expenses in the future.

Who buys the K9s for the K9 Unit and how much do they cost?
The City of North Little Rock currently purchases the K9s.  The average price of a new K9 candidate is approximately $10,000-$14,000. The North Little Rock K9 Foundation, with the help of citizens and businesses, is hoping to be able to begin purchasing new and replacement K9s for the Department.

Where do your K9s come from?

All of our K9s come from Europe.

Who trains your K9s?
We have an in-house trainer, Joe Smith (not related to Mayor Smith), for our K9 Unit and he is responsible for training the new K9s along with their handlers.

How often do you train with the K9s after the initial academy is complete?
K9 handlers routinely train everyday with their K9 partner.  The K9 team is also required to attend bi-weekly K9 training with the K9 Unit.

Do you have drug dogs and bomb dogs in the North Little Rock K9 Unit?

We have 4 narcotics K9s and 2 explosive K9s. That means in addition to their regular street patrol duties, they are also trained in either narcotics detection or explosive detection.